About the German Association for Cyber Security (DGC)

Besides technical areas, DGC also focuses on the human aspect of IT security and offers all-round cyber security through long-term partnerships. Together with clients, DGC develops resilient strategies to defend against cyber threats and maximises preventive measures to create the greatest possible benefit for all stakeholders. Through in-house mentoring, IT professionals learn about common pitfalls, how to counter social engineering attempts, and preventing other forms of human error.

With its high-performance, efficient and user-friendly cyberscan.io® software, DGC easily and automatically monitors both small and large IT infrastructures. This enables DGC’s IT experts to pinpoint the weak spots in your IT’s defence and teach your IT staff how to fix them.

DGC’s clients include auditing companies, banks, IT groups, public institutions/organisations, system houses, software companies, and service providers from interdisciplinary fields of activity.

PALTRON is the DGC's strategic recruting partner

Starting December 2020, PALTRON GmbH will take over the complete applicant management and recruiting for the German Association for Cyber Security (DGC). The aim of this strategic partnership is to support the DGC in its growth and to find the top experts and executives.

The Application Process

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