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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates for your individual requirements.

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Artificial Intelligence (German: Künstliche Intelligenz, AI/KI), consisting of algorithms, machine learning and deep learning/neuronal networks, has developed quickly into one of the innovations with the greatest ramifications on a company’s efficiency. Through intelligent data evaluation, systems learn on their own how to read models and make sense of existing data sets and thus conduct an automated learning process.

This principle is beneficially applicable in almost every societal area – quite regardless of whether, for example, it involves the health system, sales or public service. Because the Artificial Intelligence Division is also continuing to grow strongly, the search for suitable experts is oftentimes very difficult.

Via our expertise in digital personnel consulting and the executive search, our Recruiters will find the most-suitable candidates for your specific job requirements profile. Through market and feasibility analyses, we will be able to promptly present the first candidates to you.

With the Right AI Expert, Your Systems Will Gradually Become More Intelligent.

Via Artificial Intelligence, it becomes possible – which actually sounds impossible – for systems to begin to independently and successively constantly continue to optimise themselves. On the one hand, they learn to discover models, usefulness and solutions in existing data sets. On the other hand, they imitate our human behaviour and master tasks which normally would require human intelligence and thus also the suitable personnel. Through this automation, however, we can be supported in precisely those areas in which we, as human beings, have weaknesses and can thus significantly improve our efficiency.

Typical tasks, which Artificial Intelligence systems implement, are e.g. constantly-repetitive tasks or such whereby multiple parallel requirements must be processed simultaneously. In detail, one differentiates between weak and strong Artificial Intelligence whereby weak AI is currently generally still more relevant. While strong AI is supposed to create an intelligence which imitates and mechanises the entire human thought system in order to react completely like a human would, in the case of weak AI, it tends to involve concrete problems for whose solving help is required. For this, from the outset, weak AI needs as the main requirements the existing self-learning capability as well as the ability to often be able to circumvent the respective issue with only the probabilistic information available. From these capabilities of the system, via mathematics and informatics, intelligent behaviour can be simulated. Examples of the countless possibilities which are opened up by AI are improvements in the user experiences such as language translation, individual composition of music, finding partners via online platforms, autonomous driving or also the tracking of one’s electricity consumption.

In order to also advance such developments in your industry, at your company, a suitable AI Engineer will handle diverse tasks from the Data Engineering, Data Science and Software Development Divisions, identify new data sources and work on the design as well as the implementation of AI algorithms. Focus now on the development of intelligent systems and above all on the employees who will only then make them intelligent.

The market is booming, the experts in this field are rare and in-demand – we will support you with our expertise in the IT recruiting, will find the suitable AI Engineer for you and, together with you, advance your company’s productivity.

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