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The creation of a sustainable system architecture for a specific solution or within a specific context can be understood to be a solution architecture (German: Lösungsarchitektur). This can encompass the description of a complete system, but also just specific parts of it or include the integration of external systems. The Solution Architect contributes his entire software know-how, his comprehensive understanding of the customer’s wishes and also integrates the end user’s perspective into the design process. He represents the concept, both internally as well as externally, to the stakeholders and channels the team’s energy and ideas.

Through our data-driven and KPI-based executive search, we will find the ideal candidates for your company and advance your projects! In the current labour market where there is fierce competition to acquire the best and most-experienced specialised personnel, we can rely on a network of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts.

With the Right Deep Learning Expert, Your Systems Themselves Will Begin to Think.

What first sounds like robots and machines runs completely within the computer – systems running successive different learning processes and then being able to independently create the solutions for their issues. Machine Learning is the decisive technology of Artificial Intelligence which is why both terms are oftentimes used synonymously. While algorithms, as the first component of Artificial Intelligence, run a sequence of individual instructions, Machine Learning systems are able to continue to develop themselves on their own. Whenever it concerns Big Data – thus large, unstructured data sets, they are thus far superior to the human being in their efficiency. In the existing data, they search for recurring models, categories and regularities, constantly readjust their functionality and evaluate the data with a subsequent forecast upon the basis of their training and the data set.

One potential application area involves predictions – through a curve calculated from the learning process with the given data whereby the quadratic deviations of the individual values to the curve are minimal, for each value of the one variable of the relevant value, the second variable can be forecasted (example: prediction of order quantities at the supermarket based upon various influent factors). “Deep Learning” is the term for the somewhat more-complex variant of Machine Learning which is closer to our intuitive understanding of intelligence. Artificial neuronal networks are depicted based upon a model of the human brain and, based upon this, the aforementioned learning processes are implemented.

In combination with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, gigantic new possibilities are created in order to be able to produce and evaluate data and results for far-ranging infrastructural, political or economic decisions in any application area. In order to enable these processes at all, the IT systems need employees who will provide the data quantities, given them feedback during the learning process and support the system during the reconciliation, adaptation, recognition and learning processes.

Because the market is booming and highly-experienced experts are very coveted in this segment, we would be glad to advise you with our digital know-how, find the suitable candidate for you and thus support you during your company’s digital development.

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