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Analyse, Visualise and Interpret – the Tasks of a Data Scientist!

The work of a Data Scientist is oftentimes compared with the work of a Researcher who produces findings from data in order to create added value and know-how. In this regard, a Data Scientist requires special skills and abilities: On the one hand, he works with multi-layered data analyses, the creation of mathematical predictive models as well as the development of algorithms based upon neuronal networks; upon the other hand, it requires excellent communication skills and an understanding of the individual divisions within the company.

Thus, the Data Scientist’s job cannot be so easily classified into a single category. In addition to profound know-how in data analytics and statistical know-how, the Data Scientists likewise work with a large quantity of unstructured data (Big Data) and try to enter it in a cluster. Thus, the company data can be linked with each other – even if they have different structures and originate from different divisions. The goal is to design a pool of representative information in order to be able to constantly recalibrate the models and analyses. Owing to the large number of thematic areas and the complex data situation which, for example, can be composed of ordering data, personnel/factory plans or even weather data, a Data Scientist needs skills/know-how in mathematics, informatics, business management, design and communication.

Moreover, it has become apparent that the Data Science Division must be analysed in an increasingly differentiated manner. Particularly professionals who are responsible for the interaction between human and machine will in the future be of ever-greater importance. The specialisation in working fields by Data Scientists which dovetails with the Digital Revolution is, for many companies, a factor not to be underestimated during the acquisition of suitable specialised personnel.

At PALTRON, we know what characterises an excellent Data Scientist. So that your company can also profit from the vast data quantities generated, at PALTRON, we will gladly support you during the search for the ideal candidate for your special job requirements profile.

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During the age of the Digital Revolution, it is not surprising that currently Data Scientists are being sought in almost every industry. But what is precisely understood as being the job of the Data Scientist? Approx. 90% of all computer files worldwide have been generated exclusively in the past two years – each day, 2.5 billion gigabytes are added. Each large-scale company has already been developing and collecting data for decades.

In order to be able to obtain added value and profound benefit from this enormous data quantity, special technical personnel are required. Data Scientists indeed compile precisely that information which the company collects or the customers provide in order to be able to analyse the gigantic data quantities and evaluate the results with regards to the usefulness for companies.

Owing to the increasing importance of the theme of Data Science, as the leading personnel consulting firm in the digitalisation segment, PALTRON has focussed on the search for professionals in the IT environment. Our executive research process, which is individualised for each client, will guarantee that we will present you with the most-suitable candidates for your specific job requirements profile.

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