How IT-Consultants help companies with digitization

3. September 2019

The classic image of a management consultant: Being home at airports of the world. This has ensured, among other things, that being a consultant is a dream job for many career starters. According to this development, it is no secret that the consulting industry is booming in Germany and around the world.

Dreamjob “Consultant” in a growing industry 

The turnover of management consultancies has been rising for more than nine years now, although this was predicted differently a few years ago: At that time, it was said that consulting firms had reached the top of their growth potential. According to the magazine Handelsblatt, sales in Germany increased by 8.5 percent in 2017, so that the 140,000 employees generated 31.5 billion euros. This trend has continued to this day - so it is not surprising that everyone can do something with the most successful management consultants such as McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company.

IT consultants in demand as all-round talents

IT consulting plays an increasingly important role in the consulting universe in a continuously digitalized world. IT consultants are all-rounders, because they feel comfortable in both: IT and business environments. Their main task is to mediate between engineers, developers and managers in almost every industry. They enable their customers to stay up-to-date with the digitalization of their companies by carrying out technical projects and advising their clients to ensure the successful introduction of the software. Since IT consultants have to build the gap between IT knowledge and business know-how, the demands on them are high. In addition, to experience in consulting and project management, central requirements are made in the areas of programming, cloud computing and IT infrastructure.

The War for Talents is Reality

According to a study by ManagerMagazine, well-known big players in the global IT consulting market include IBM and Accenture. Based on the FinanceMagazine, the "Big Four", the four largest auditing companies Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young and PwC, are also expanding their IT consulting areas with a lot of investment. Also the medium-sized hidden talents have also recognized the added value of IT consultants for themselves, so that the market and demand in this area are growing even stronger. 

Due to the strong growth of the consulting industry, young talents and qualified specialists and managers are being sought with great determination. At PALTRON we are also aware of the increasing demand for IT consultants. As experts in the IT field, we support you in filling IT consultant positions with suitable candidates.


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