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We scrutinise the status quo of our industry and utilise modern technologies in order to find new paths and fast solutions.


We understand which tech and soft skills are required in order to utilise the opportunities for digitalisation – and know where one can find them.

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We remain on the pulse of the times and pursue the latest technology trends in order to be able to optimally advise our clients.


We handle each mandate exclusively and familiarise ourselves with our clients’ requirements so that every candidate is suitable.

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In today's digital world, the right IT team is essential to your success. PALTRON is at the forefront of connecting you with world-class IT professionals. Thanks to data-driven methods, a proprietary algorithm and a deep understanding of the IT landscape, we offer top performance in recruitment consultancy.

The indispensable Role of a first-class Recruitment Consultancy

In the complex world of IT, finding the right talent is quite a challenge. As your recruitment consultancy, PALTRON brings in-depth knowledge and specific industry expertise to support you in the best possible way. Through our expertise in recruitment consultancy for the IT sector, we bring you together with highly qualified IT talent. PALTRON's proprietary algorithm and strong network of over 770,000 professionals ensure a perfect fit. We achieve a high match between candidates and companies through careful analysis and intensive interviewing.

PALTRON - Your Recruitment Consultancy for top IT Talent

IT specialists are the cornerstone of every company. They ensure the operation of systems, safeguard important data and keep operations flowing. Given the wide range of skills and knowledge required for different IT roles, recruitment can be challenging.
However, when you work with PALTRON, you can benefit from our deep industry understanding of IT recruitment. Our expert team aims to deliver specific solutions tailored to your needs. The reasons why a cooperation with us is beneficial are manifold:

PALTRON's expertise as your Recruitment Consultancy

Keeping up to date with the latest technology trends and with our in-depth understanding of the diverse IT functions, we can accurately identify your specific requirements and recommend the most suitable professionals.

Efficiency in cost and time

With our recruitment consultancy services, you can save valuable time and resources and use them more efficiently. We react quickly to changes in the dynamic IT industry and manage the entire recruitment process effectively, from the advertisement to the selection process to the final appointment.

Improving the quality of your recruitment

A thorough selection process ensures that we only propose the best candidates for your IT positions. As a recruitment consultancy, we place great emphasis on finding the ideal balance between technical and social skills to ensure the right conditions for your company.

Creativity as a success factor in IT recruiting

In a highly competitive IT market, creative ideas can be crucial in attracting qualified candidates. With our innovative approaches to talent acquisition, we are able to find top talent for your IT needs, even in challenging times.

Strengthen your corporate brand

Outsource your IT recruiting tasks to PALTRON and focus on your core business. This strengthens your corporate brand and is an important factor in attracting top talent - it is also an effective marketing tool.

What makes PALTRON unique as a Recruitment Consultancy?

Our team of experienced HR professionals has deep knowledge in executive search and recruitment for IT. With our data-driven multi-channel strategy, we identify first-class talent for your company. We ensure this through data-driven analysis, thorough research and individual consultations.

Thanks to our strong network of over 770,000 contacts, we have access to an extensive pool of knowledge. Through continuous market monitoring, we accurately assess current challenges and opportunities for your company and accurately assess needed leadership skills.

We place particular emphasis on the candidate journey, cultural fit and employer branding in the recruitment process. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for both the candidate and your company. We ensure that our selected candidates not only have the required qualifications, but are also able to understand and strengthen your corporate culture.

PALTRON - Your modern Recruitment Consultancy

PALTRON supports you as your recruitment consultancy in building a first-class IT team and thus ensuring the (digital) success of your company. The right IT talent for your business is just a phone call away. Contact us today and find out how PALTRON can help you.


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