Professional market and feasibility analysis for successful job placements.

We understand that successful staffing depends not only on the qualifications of the candidate, but also on the feasibility and the current market environment. Our market and feasibility analysis provides you with a realistic assessment of the fillability of a position to minimize potential risks and make the best decisions. 

By knowing what is important in a candidate's search, or a certain skillset, before the search begins, we are now able to do predictive recruiting, or "anticipatory recruiting."

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Time and Resource Savings

Our analysis helps you save valuable time and resources by thoroughly reviewing the market and potential candidate:s before you start the recruiting process.

Realistic Assessment

We provide you with a realistic assessment of the feasibility of filling a position, based on our database of 770,000 candidate:s and our extensive experience recruiting 1200+ positions per year.

Minimizing Risk

By analyzing the market, competitive landscape, and candidate:ing availability, we minimize potential risks and increase your chances of success in filling the position.

Provision of recommendations for action

For the design of the most promising search process possible, we provide you with a set of recommended actions after the analysis is complete.

Get an assessment of the candidate pool, salary expectations and probability of placement:

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1. Available candidate pool

Using our data-driven search process, we determine the number of potential candidates in the respective region as well as throughout Germany and Europe. This allows you to see, for example, whether the tasks and requirements of the position correspond to what the market offers, or whether your employer brand (incl. benefits) can stand up to the competition.

This enables us to show you the available pool of candidates for your desired profile.

2. Salary expectations

We analyze the current salary structure of your profile using internal and external databases with a total of over 1,115,000 job profiles.

3. Probability of placement

We analyze factors that have a positive or negative influence on the search and advise you on the profile to successfully fill the position.

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Josef Guenthner

Co-founder & CEO
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