Cyber and IT Security

Unrivalled Expertise in Recruiting Cyber and IT Security Experts

Protect your Data from Cyber-Attacks with the Right IT Security Experts. Find yours with PALTRON.

Comprehensive consultation

  • Our HR Consultants are specialised in the IT sector
    All searches begin with a feasibility analysis
    Providing support with profile sharpening

Comprehensive search

  • Partially automated multi-channel search
  • Screening globally but matching you locally
  • Exclusive network of over 450,000 digital and IT experts

Highest quality

  • Continuous, data-driven optimisation throughout the search process
  • Two-stage interview process for candidates
  • Reference checks and suitability diagnostics

Find Your Professionals in the Cyber and IT Security Divisions

Here at PALTRON, we have specialised in the placement of experts in the area of cyber-security; from the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to the IT Security Auditor to the IT Security Engineer. Through a unique executive search process which consists of more than 70 detailed steps, we will guarantee you a fast filling of your vacant job position with highly-qualified cyber-security experts.

We can present suitable candidates to you within just 30 days. Protect yourself from the growing risk of cyber-attacks on data and company networks. Get in touch today!

Every Second Company is Affected by Cyber-Crime

How do I protect my company from cyber-attacks?

Whilst solutions such as tap-proof telephoning, software detecting hacks from the Web in real time, and multi-layered firewalls, no system is flawless. These alone could leave your networks insufficiently-secured and leave gateways open for hackers.

The solution? A dedicated expert

Cyber-security should be a key focus and is critical in your company's long-term success. A security information and event manager, SIEM, can effectively limit the threat of cyber-attacks through a combination of real-time analyses and risk notifications.

Now it's more important than ever to focus on your business security. PALTRON will take away the guess-work when you are looking for an IT security expert with the know how to protect your company. Get in touch today and meet suitable candidates in just 30 days.


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Gabriel Kienberger

Team Lead Business Development
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