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To many blockchain became well-known through crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple. Considered technically, the Blockchain is a decentralised database. The information saved in it can be viewed at any time by anyone and is stored simultaneously at various locations. Thus, it is almost impossible to falsify the stored information.

Because security and trust are the essential foundations of the trading, central institutions which create this trust (e.g. banks) can be replaced by the Blockchain. Not every company needs its own Blockchain, but the deployment options are endless: From supply chain management to Smart Contracts to the management of the IoT.

If you are looking to prepare your company for the future and profit from the security of blockchain, get in contact with PALTRON. As leaders in blockchain recruitment, we are able to present you suitable candidates in just 30 days. Our unique software based search process sets us apart! See the PALTRON difference for yourself, and get in contact today!

Gain Competitive Advantage by Utilising Blockchain

What is the blockchain?

Blockchain is in principle nothing other than a decentralised accounting system. This allows it to be allocated across many difference entities. This is based upon the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which is the fundamental idea behind the Blockchain.

What are the advantages of blockchain?

The advantage of the Blockchain lies particularly in its protection against counterfeiting. The bookkeeping is namely not handled by a central institution, but rather stored digitally. The entire transaction history is stored across many different computers, and can be viewable by anyone, without any sesitive data being disclosed. This is known as a 'peer-to-peer' network.

A block can contain a lot of information: e.g. account information, amounts to be transferred or contractual agreements. From this information, an algorithm calculates a number which is referred to as a hash. The hash functions as the fingerprint for the data. This fingerprint can easily be determined whenever a new transaction alters the original database. Because the hash value of the prior block is always included in the data from the following block, a chain is created.

Regardless of whether it involves Ethereum, IOTA or Hyperledger Fabric, we will find Blockchain experts for your project.

Together with PALTRON, you will reach the next level of digitalisation before your competitors and secure your place in the market of the future. Take advantage of our vast network of more than 450,000 IT experts, and see why we are the leaders of blockchain recruitment.


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