By Cooperating with Us, Develop Long-Term Strategies and Concepts in Order to Acquire the Best Tech and IT Talents.

We will utilise our experience in order to cooperate with you to develop individual solutions along all HR Divisions and to create the foundation for innovative IT.

HR Strategy & Organization Design

We will utilise our recruiting experience and combine it with new know-how obtained from research and practical application in order to prepare your IT sustainably for the challenges of the future.

Strategic Personnel Planning

Based upon internal and external databases, we will support you during the analysis of your personnel requirements in the IT Division, identify bottlenecks and cooperate with you in order to develop solution-based strategies.

Organisational Design

The IT of the future requires new organisational forms which promote the development of innovative ideas and enable formats for an effective cooperation with other company divisions. We will help you during the development and implementation work.

Compensation Systems

Based upon internal and external data, we will continue to develop your compensation system – for market-appropriate compensation and the optimal incentivisation of your employees.

Talent Acquisition

We will use our many years of experience in IT recruiting so that you will thus acquire the suitable employees in the IT Division for the long term.

Candidate Journey

We will analyse your current processes in personnel acquisition, identify improvement potential and cooperate with you in order to develop a candidate journey for the acquisition of the suitable employees in the IT Division.

Employer Branding

Employer branding forms the basis for successful personnel acquisition in the digitalisation age. We will develop individual concepts in order to improve your presence along all relevant platforms.

HR Training

We convey our experience in the HR Division in individual workshop concepts: From the drafting of attractive job announcements and role profiles to the conducting of professional job interviews.

Talent Management

Long-term prospects and attractive career paths are an important cornerstone for acquiring IT talents for your company over the long term. In so doing, we will help you to embrace new paths in the talent management Division.

On-Boarding Concepts

The basis for the long-term commitment from employees is professional on-boarding. We will support you during the development of an effective and efficient concept and help you during the implementation.

IT Continuing Education Concepts

We will analyse your career paths and role profiles and develop suitable concepts for sustainable continuing education for your employees. As required, we will also provide suitable and excellent trainers from our network.

Personnel Development

We will support you during the set-up of a professional personnel development approach through the development of career paths and prospects – based upon your company’s individual requirements and framework conditions.


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Gabriel Kienberger

Team Lead Business Development
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