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The implementation of data science systems requires a systematic mind-set as well as interdisciplinary methods and approaches in order to advance the development of machine intelligence.

PALTRON understands the know how needed to find specialised experts in the data science division. Our unique candidate search process gives us an edge when it comes to recruiting the right fit for your team. A data-driven search takes into account not only the job description, but also your company culture.

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Data Science: a Cross-Disciplinary Theme

Data Science is still a rather new term and we often wrongly equate it with Big Data, or Big Data analytics. However, it extends far beyond Big Data themes.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field which is composed of a series of relevant disciplines and knowledge banks. It is built from the areas of statistics, informatics, communication, management and sociology.

Important components of this field include:

  • Detailed data analysis
  • Descriptive statistics & forecasts regarding future events
  • Linear optimisation
  • The development of a so-called AI (Artificial Intelligence)

What are the benefits of data science approaches?

This division allows your company to remain competitive into the future and beyond. It's an important corner stone in digitilisation, and will create detailed forecasts for your company evaluations.

PALTRON candidates in this division already have years of experience and will ensure your company will remain "future-proof." 


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