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Find Professionals in the Cloud Computing Division

In order to be able to guarantee secure cloud solutions and protect your company from cyber-attacks, experts are needed!

PALTRON's vast network of more than 450,000 IT professionals, allows us to perform an unrivalled candidate search for your company. Based on your specific company goals, our search finds the ideal candidate for your Cloud Computing roles. See the most suitable candidates in just 30 days, when you search with PALTRON.

Cloud Computing– Milestone in Digitalisation!

“The combination of speed and costs as well as the allocation of data and tasks by a few big computing units to many small computing units." The original concept for the Cloud in 1950 from Dr. Herbert R.J. Grosch.

What are the three levels of the Cloud?

The highest level of the Cloud: Called the application level, is specially custom-fit to the user. In this case, he uses the applications provided by the respective provider, such as, for example, Google Sheets in the Google Drive environment.

The Second Level of the Cloud: The PaaS (Platform as a Service). Here the user has neither access to the computer entities nor does he operate the virtual server. He has exclusive access to a software environment in which one’s own pieces of software can be run. Simply, it involves applications which can be uploaded independently into the Cloud – as in the case of Windows Azure from Microsoft.

The Cloud Foundation: Known as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Through the usage of virtual computer clusters, users can expand their own capacities. The access to other computers, networks or memories enables the usage of external resources. This means that a type of virtual memory is integrated onto one’s own computer. Via the almost endless storage space, time savings and flexibility, the Cloud simplifies and optimises companies’ work structures. One must deal with neither licenses nor updates nor is the access restricted by time or territory.

PALTRON can connect you with Cloud Computing Experts in just 30 days, with our unique candidate search process. See the advantages from the SaaS technology for yourself, and recruit a Cloud professional. Get in touch to get started.


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