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Autonomous Systems Divisions & Robotics Experts

To successfully introduce and use automous System technologies, the correct Robotics Experts are needed.

PALTRON's unrivalled experience in IT Headhunting means we can find your ideal candidate. Someone with the know how of humerus technical areas such as mechanics, electronics, informatics and sensor technology.

Our software- and data-based search process will enable us to find the most-suitable candidates for your job requirements profile. With our help, you will be able to successfully fill positions for Robotics Engineers, Software Developers or Project Leaders. Get in touch to begin the search!

Robotics Experts: Driving Future Technologies for your Company

After an initial boom within the parameters of Industry 4.0 (industrial robots, IR), robotics is permeating more and more companies and industries. These days, for example, service companies or nursing care facilities are relying on so-called service robots. What is often generally regarded as being a niche in the society is in reality a rapidly-growing market.
According to a report published at the end of 2018 by the International Federation of Robotics, the number of industrial robots used worldwide is supposed to increase by 2020 from currently approx. 750,000 to more than 3 million.

What does a modern 'robot' look like?

Robots are traditionally defined as being programmable and controllable machines which are able to do work. However, the term has experienced a clear content-related expansion in recent years. In order to enable machines to fulfil ever-more complex tasks, Artificial Intelligence is required. Robots are, for example, equipped with sensors and cameras which enable them to receive, process and analyse more information from the external world than ever before. The trend is moving from purely mechanical robots towards machines with ever-more profound “cognitive” controlling systems: The machine vision (Computer Vision), the language and gesture recognition as well as the ability to simultaneously locate its own position and create maps (SLAM) constitute only a small fraction of today’s possibilities.

The most progressive robots and automated assistance systems include driver-assistance systems which enable cars to autonomously park in a parking garage. In medicine, there are now robots which enable paralysed persons to once again move on their own legs, as well as sophisticated robotics solutions for surgery!

Why do you need a robotics expert?

Today’s Robotics Expert has the task of conceiving, developing and programming interactive and sensor-compatible machines as well as robots and intelligent assistance systems for various deployment areas.

PALTRON can find your ideal candidate, who is ready to take your business to the next level of technology! Get in touch and meet suitable candidates in just 30 days.


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