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Comprehensive consultation

  • Our HR Consultants are specialised in the IT sector
    All searches begin with a feasibility analysis
    Providing support with profile sharpening

Comprehensive search

  • Partially automated multi-channel search
  • Screening globally but matching you locally
  • Exclusive network of over 450,000 digital and IT experts

Highest quality

  • Continuous, data-driven optimisation throughout the search process
  • Two-stage interview process for candidates
  • Reference checks and suitability diagnostics

IT Consultants with Mix of Technological & Soft Skills

In the last 20 years, the technology boom has revolutionised the business world. Large server landscapes, IoT and machine learning have replaced file folders lengthy data analysis. Companies are forced to continually adapt to technological advancements resulting in the last decade's dramatic increase in the demand for IT consulting services. Experts are needed who can contribute not only specialised expertise regarding individual technologies, but also in infrastructure and business process management.

As the leading IT HR consulting firm, we have made it our mission to identify highly-qualified candidates for your company. We use a KPI and data-driven executive search process. In addition to excellent recruiting, profit from our network of more than 450,000 IT professionals. Get in touch to start the search.

IT Consulting Increases the Efficiency of the Entire IT Infrastructure

Almost all companies are under constant pressure to adapt to the new and constantly-changing market conditions and remain competitive. So that important trends, e.g. the introduction of new AI systems, are promptly identified, IT Consultants are essential for companies.

What is the role of IT consulting services?

  • More efficient design of IT-based processes through the optimisation of systems
  • Modernisaing the integration agile of business services
  • Specialisation in SAP, Data Science or Cyber Security

Hiring an in-house IT Consultant will ensure the expert working in your IT environment understands exisiting operational processes and doesn't require consistent training. This means your new projects can be completed faster!

PALTRON guarantees we can find you the ideal IT Consultants for your company. Reach out to meet candidates in just 30 days.


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Gabriel Kienberger

Team Lead Business Development
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