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  • Our HR Consultants are specialised in the IT sector
    All searches begin with a feasibility analysis
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Comprehensive search

  • Partially automated multi-channel search
  • Screening globally but matching you locally
  • Exclusive network of over 450,000 digital and IT experts

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  • Continuous, data-driven optimisation throughout the search process
  • Two-stage interview process for candidates
  • Reference checks and suitability diagnostics

Find the Ideal ERP SAP Expert

Under ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), one understands the comprehensive resource planning by a company. An ERP system enables companies to depict and control all business processes.

ERP is traditionally associated with the SAP business suite, however the Walldorf giant is not the sole provider in this Division. There are many providers who cover the entire ERP spectrum; from comprehensive to highly-specialise solutions for individual needs or product groups.

With so many variables, it can be overwhelming to find the right ERP expert for your team. So, let us handle it for you! With a network of more than 450,000, PALTRON guarantees we will find the candidate to suit your company needs. Get in touch to get started.

ERP SAP Systems are Used in Almost Every Division

A company can no longer function these days without an ERP system adapted to its own needs.

What skillset does an ERP Professional have?

  • Depicting core business processes; from personnel, to purchasing and production
  • The use of latest technologies; machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • The know how of the Cloud technology & data protection

Having a dedicated ERP specialist will allow your core business processes to be optimised and automated. This means employees can obtain better restyles, while using fewer resources. Critical business questions are answered instantly with real-time data, and information silos are replaced with a uniform database.

Put simply: an ERP specialist will make your employees work much easier.

As leaders in the recruitment of IT professionals, we know what it takes to be a highly-quality manager of the ERP system. Our data-driven candidate search approach, means we will find the perfect fit for your company, based on your requirements. Get in touch today!


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Gabriel Kienberger

Team Lead Business Development
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