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Employees who possess the know-how in order to programme corresponding IT systems can be extremely valuable to your company and are thus extremely coveted on the market.

PALTRON are specialised experts in finding Machine Learning professionals, and will help bring your company into the future! Through a unique and unrivalled candidate search process, we guarantee only the most suitable candidates will be presented to you. And all within just 30 days! Get in touch today to start the search.

What is AI Machine Learning?

Contrary to the name, machine learning has nothing to do with robots or machines, but rather occurs in the computer. It means the evaluation of data with a subsequent prognosis. For this, computers must be “trained” and/or “fed” data in order to be able to make precise predictions. For the prediction work, computers require a high amount of storage capacity and a lot of computing power. Algorithms play a central role in machine learning because they are responsible for the identification of models and the generation of suitable solutions.

In the first stage, algorithms form correlations between the data based upon the available database. These functions are then created which describe these correlations. The functions that have been set up help algorithms to be able to make precise forecasts.
A computer can, for example, assess the quality of a cat picture down to the individual pixel. Based upon the position and brightness of the pixel, it learns which combinations will lead to the image of a cat. Thus, the algorithm will develop an ongoing model for cat pics.

It then compares each new image with this model. Does it look similar? Then it is most likely a cat.

Why is It Becoming More and More Important?

Machine learning systems these days are able to implement activities, e.g. the optimisation of processes based upon recognised models, the independent adaptation to developments or the calculations of the probabilities of certain results. Particularly for the analysis, understanding and evaluation of consumer behaviour, machine learning has ascended to become an indispensable factor for company success.

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