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The need for employees with DevOps (Development and IT Operations) expertise has increased dramatically in recent years. The process improvement approach has the goal of improving a company’s efficiency via software development- and administration-focussed measures. The advantage of such an approach is the 30 times faster delivery of codes and reduction of the deployment errors, according to a “State of DevOps” report from 2017. So that this approach can also be introduced at your company, it needs DevOps Engineers who will promote the implementation of this mind-set.

At PALTRON, we have specialised in the search for DevOps experts. Via our network of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts, we will present the perfect candidate to you within 30 days.

How DevOps Engineers Bring Your Company Forward.

There is no formal career path for becoming a DevOps Engineer. Most future DevOps Engineers are either Developers who are interested in deployment and network operations or System Administrators who have a passion for scripting and coding. It encompasses employees who have developed themselves beyond their pre-defined competences and possess a comprehensive overview of their technical environment. Kelsey Hightower, Head of Operations at Puppet Labs, describes DevOps Engineers as employees with well-founded know-how and many years of practical experience. Thus, these persons combine the skills of a Business Analyst with technical skills in order to find a solution.

The tasks of a DevOps Engineer include the creation of software releases and the testing of the new code. As an automation expert, he utilises tools which automate the development, the testing and the integration of software releases and fixes. As a Release Manager, he is responsible for the approval of new functions throughout the entire company and the safeguarding of the stability of these versions. In addition, as the Security Officer, he continuously monitors the condition and the security of the product and/or system.

In order to fulfil these tasks, he utilises various tools and technologies such as, for example, containers. These software packages are based upon virtual isolation in order to run applications on one collective operating system. Via containers, it is possible to change the code from the development to the test and the delivery extending to the production without monitoring the changes to the underlying infrastructure. The popular tools include Docker, Microsoft Hyper V and Windows server containers. Orchestration tools such as Kubernetes provide support during the automation, delivery, scaling and maintenance of containers. Moreover, configuration management systems such as Puppet and Chef can be deployed which support the supplying of servers and the configuration of software, middleware and infrastructure. Likewise, monitoring tools like Nagios are used in order to monitor the performance and security of code releases in systems, networks and infrastructures.

So that you can also profit from the advantages of the DevOps approach, we will support you during the search for DevOps Engineers at all career levels. Thus, we will be able, via our multi-stage recruiting process, to present to you the initial candidate profiles after, on average, merely 30 days.

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