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A Software Architect, Built for your Business

A software architect is responsible for the drafting of concepts, improvements on excising architects and the continued optimisation of work processes. An extremely flexible and diverse role, your SA must require an analytical and structured approach.

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Analyst, Programmer & Planning Genius

The Software Architect is a true all-rounder. A Project Planner, Coder and Manager of the Stakeholders, they are comprehensively familiar with the requirements and the systematic implementation of modern software environments.

With the analytical skills to also act as a Project Leader, your SA will coordinate your team of developers with agile methods including SCRUM or KANBAN. This will ensure your business remains competitive into the future.

It is also not just important to be up-to-date in the programming area, e.g. in the areas of Java, PHP, Microservices, cloud (MS Azure, AWS) or containers (Docker, Kubernetes), but to have a leader with strong interpersonal and software development skills will give your team the edge it needs. Our candidates often offer excellent foreign language skills, to confidently work on international projects.

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