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You Will Win the Battle for SAP ERP Experts

Take control of all your relevant core processes with an ERP system, including finance, personnel, production and logistics. Intergrate all of them into one single software environment, and see for yourself just how much more efficient and targeted your business will become.

Not only is it the best-known ERP software manufacturer, German software giant SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of applicants for you to find your next candidate. SAP ERP experts will not only increase business productivity, but offer more transparency through central databases, faster reports and analysis, as well as real-time data processing.

PALTRON will find your most suitable Project Leaders, Consultants and Developers in your ERP environment. Take advantage of our exclusive recruitment search, and we will find hand-picked candidates, customer fit for your company.

SAP ERP Experts– A Star among the Enterprise Resource Planning Tools

Via its future-oriented ERP system called S/4HANA, SAP has established a new and trend-setting environment in the ERP software environments Division on the market. A wide array of on-premise modules such as finance, logistics, R&D, purchasing and sales can be individually implemented, controlled, managed and expanded. In addition, interfaces to non-SAP systems can be realised without any problems.

The SAP ERP environment is necessary for companies at all sizes. It is easily customised and adaptable. Having the support of specialists in the SAP Division is unrivalled, as they can not only guarantee a seamless implementation of a new ERP System, but also the migration of an exisiting one to a new SAP Environment.

At PALTRON, we will fin you the expert with suitable know how for your specific project. Through our experience in the SAP Division, we will find seasoned experts for you who possess many years of experience working in the areas of migrations, roll-outs and upgrades in the popular SAP modules, but also the latest SAP cloud technologies, databases as well as in project management.

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