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Find the Ideal DevOps Engineer

The balance between Development and IT Operations has become increasingly important. A DevOps Engineer will take on board both skillsets, and improve a company's efficiency with optimised software development. The advantage of a DevOps role means codes are delivered 30x faster, as well as a reduction in deployment errors (according to a “State of DevOps” report from 2017).

PALTRON's specialised search methods mean we can find you your ideal DevOps Engineer in just four weeks. Our candidates are hand-picked from network of more than 450,000 IT Professionals. Get in touch today to see the difference a DevOps role can make for youtself!

How DevOps Engineers Advance Your Company

DevOps often have a Development background, with a keen interest in System Administrators. The role encompasses employees who have developed skills beyond their pre-defined roles and possesses a comprehensive view of a technical environment.

The tasks of a DevOps Engineer include:

  • The creation of software releases and testing new ode
  • Automations of development
  • Testing and intergrations of software releases
  • Continuous monitoring of security of the product or system

The DevOps Engineer utilises various tools and technologies such as, for example the popular tools  Docker, Microsoft Hyper V and Windows server containers. These software packages are based upon virtual isolation in order to run applications on one collective operating system. Via containers, it is possible to change the code from the development to the test and the delivery extending to the production without monitoring the changes to the underlying infrastructure.

Profit from the advantages of the DevOps approach, and allow us to support you with our specialised recruitment process. Get in touch to advance your company.

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