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DevOps – More than Only a Mind-Set!

The latest studies show that, in 2019, already 17% more companies are using the DevOps approach than back in 2017. The number of companies is constantly continuing to grow. The reasons for this are diverse. Thus, the introduction of the DevOps approach triggers shorter development cycles and a faster innovation speed. Based upon estimates, these shortened development cycles will have the result that an application will come to the market 60% faster than with conventional approaches.

Moreover, shorter development cycles promote more frequent code releases which substantially reduce the identification of code errors. In addition, recovery times after system disruptions are reduced whenever development and operational teams cooperate and exchange ideas. This work approach exerts a positive influence on the communication and work culture. Thus, after working according to the DevOps Method, teams attain a higher level of work satisfaction and productivity because the work culture is focussed on the overall performance and not individual goals.

Although DevOps is no technology, there are tools which are frequently used in DevOps environments. Thus, for example, Jenkins is a popular tool for Continuous Integration (in shortened form: CI) and Continuous Delivery (in shortened form: CD) Pipelines. CI/CD Pipelines enable the Developers on DevOps teams to continuously validate the applications through automation and to make them available to the end user during the development cycle. After the validation, the code from the CI/CD Pipelines is provided by the operational team within a live production environment. This continuous delivery (Continuous Deployment) enables automated tests, configurations and provisionings with release management as well as monitoring with automated recovery functions. Although the DevOps approach is typically associated with agile software development, it can also co-exist with project management guidelines such as Lean or Six Sigma.

The current developments in the DevOps Division reveal that many companies are endeavouring to utilise the advantages from a faster delivery of applications, improved innovations, operational environments with increased stability and performance-oriented employee teams. If you also want to utilise the DevOps approach for your company, you will need a partner who can help you to bring the right employees on-board for this change.

Distinguished with the “Headhunter of the Year” Award, at PALTRON, we know what makes a DevOps expert, where we can find him and how we can make him enthusiastic about your company.

We Will Find the Ideal DevOps Expert for Your Company.

DevOps, a combination of the words Development(German: Entwicklung) and IT Operations (German: IT-Betrieb), represents a group of concepts which are admittedly not new, but have since developed into a mind-set. In its narrowest interpretation, DevOps describes the introduction both of automation and programmable software development as well as also the delivery and maintenance of infrastructures. Whereby the term can also refer to a culture which strategically analyses the entire software supply chain, monitors the shared services and promotes the deployment of new development tools and best practices.

At PALTRON, we regard this interlinking of the development and the IT operations as being a process improvement from which your company can also profit. Therefore, as a digital personnel consulting firm, we have made it our mission to support you by taking charge of the search for the candidates who will make your company’s IT fit for all future challenges while using the DevOps approach.

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