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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates for your individual requirements.

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A computer network serves the purpose of connecting at least two autonomous technical systems, e.g. of computers, smartphones or sensors and enables their reciprocal communication via so-called network protocols. The goal of this interlinkage is particularly the collective access to various technical resources such as servers, data(bases) or printers as well as the communication with other persons. Particularly in company networks, an enormous number of various devices are connected together which results in the creation of a very complex network infrastructure. Only a reliable and high-performance network can guarantee satisfactory communication and a seamless operational process at modern companies. Accordingly, the identification of highly-qualified Network Specialists poses a special challenge to each company.

Through the software-based and key indicator-driven executive search process from PALTRON, our headhunting experts will ensure that you are presented with the suitable candidates for your individual requirements. Through unique market and feasibility analyses, we will be able to present you with suitable candidates within, on average, 30 days. Fulfil the increasing requirements prescribed by your company network and now find your network expert.

Why a High-Performance Network Infrastructure Increases Your IT’s Efficiency.

The network is the central component of each company’s IT infrastructure and houses all of the communication services. In the company’s operations, the network assumes a critical function because it guarantees the data communication with computers or servers – both at one’s own company as well as also remotely. The network serves the purpose of the exchange of files or the collective usage of resources. A network connection can be created both in a wireless or also a wired fashion. In this context, each device receives an individual identifier, the so-called IP address via which it can be clearly identified.

Owing to its numerous functions, the computer network can be considered to be the company’s communication technology pillars. As the result of the progressing digitalisation of the working world, the unrestricted availability of company networks is a central aspect of company success. In this context, the theme of network security is becoming more and more relevant because sensitive company-specific information is increasingly being stored in digital form. Naturally, only selected persons who have access rights should be able to access the network’s resources. This is ensured through various authentication and authorisation procedures. In addition, the network security is guaranteed by devices being monitored with regards to their consistency and functionality. Externally, the security infrastructure is safeguarded by a firewall.

However, particularly the networks of small and medium-sized companies are frequently not sufficiently protected. In this case, the risk exists of data manipulation, data theft or an illegal controlling of processes via an external access. This fact underscores the importance of highly-specialised personnel who are responsible for the security of the networks and the safeguarding of the company data. As the result of the increasing utilisation of cloud services at the company, the theme of network performance is also assuming an essential importance beyond the company-internal infrastructure because a fast availability of the required resources is critical for the process efficiency.

As a digital personnel consulting firm, we possess the required specialised expertise in order to find the right network experts for your company. Via our unique executive search process, we will help you to find the ideal candidate for your network requirements.

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