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The theme of cyber-security is on everybody’s lips these days and is controversially discussed both in politics as well as at companies. In the Cloud segment as well, the security aspect is a central theme. As the result of the increase in cyber-attacks on companies, in recent years, numerous new professional profiles in IT security have been created. They also include the Cloud Security Engineer who, thanks to his know-how in best practices and industry requirements with regards to security, can use technologies in order to design, develop and manage secure Cloud infrastructures. Unfortunately, the candidate profiles, which fulfil these requirements, are hard to find on the market.

Thus, as the leading IT Headhunter, PALTRON has made it its mission to identify for you the ideal candidates while taking into consideration your specific job requirements profile. We are convinced that not solely the technical competence creates a good job position placement. We go even further and want people to be happy in their work lives and that they can absolutely identify with their respective job duties. Precisely, for this reason, we place a special focus on the cultural fit. Only then is a position filled well and will form the “fertile ground” for a long-term and successful future. Let yourself be convinced by our expertise and contact us. Our HR professionals will gladly advise you!

Cloud Security Engineer – All-Round Talent in All Divisions of Cloud Security!

The Cloud Security Engineer supports companies to design and implement a secure infrastructure on Cloud platforms, e.g. in the Apple or Google environment. This may include the analysis of existing Cloud structures and the development of new or expanded security methods.

In order to be able to master these challenges, he should be well-versed in all aspects of Cloud security. This includes the identification and access management, the definition of organisational structures and organisational guidelines, the usage of technologies for data protection, the network security, the recording and analysis of Cloud platform logs, responses to incidents as well as know-how regarding legal guidelines.

A Cloud Security Engineer’s central tasks include the creation of Cloud security toolkits, the implementation of threat simulations for the identification of potential risks and the issuance of security recommendations regarding themes such as the Microserve design or application development. Cloud Security Engineers should also inform other teams of the correct coding methods and security aspects. Thus, he should develop an awareness for why Cloud security constitutes a central theme, how it functions and how DevOps teams can ensure the security in your continuous supply chain. Moreover, Cloud Security Engineers should work with innovative technologies in the Cloud security environment in order to always keep up-to-date regarding Cloud-based environments. It becomes clear that Cloud Security Engineers play an important role in the protection of company data.

So that you can also protect yourself against external cyber-attacks over the long term and successfully, as a personnel consulting firm for technologies of the future, PALTRON will support you during the placement of qualified candidates in the Cloud Security Division.

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