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The Personnel Consulting Firm with Profound Expertise in the Cyber and IT Security Divisions.

As specialised IT Headhunters, we will find the security experts who will protect your data from cyber-attacks. Our data-driven executive search process will identify the best talents who fit your individual requirements.

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By Cooperating with Us, You Will Find Your Professionals in the Cyber and IT Security Divisions.

Here at PALTRON, we have specialised in the placement of experts in the area of cyber-security – from the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to the IT Security Auditor to the IT Security Engineer – and understand your requirements for candidates.

Through a unique executive search process which consists of more than 70 detailed steps, we will guarantee you a fast filling of your vacant job position with highly-qualified cyber-security experts. 

In addition, through company-specific market and feasibility analyses, we ensure that we will already be able to present suitable candidates to you within the first 30 days. Why you rely on cyber-security better today than tomorrow is reflected in the constant increase in cyber-attacks on data networks and company networks. In 2017, 86,000 cyber-attacks were registered in Germany, but the unrecorded cases are far greater.

Cyber and IT Security Positionen

Each Second Company is Affected.

“Cyber-crime” poses novel and highly-complicated challenges for companies: How do I protect my company from cyber-attacks? There are numerous solutions – from the smartphone app for tap-proof telephoning to software which detects attacks from the Web in real-time to immense, multi-layered firewalls which will protect your company from unwanted intrusions. No system is invulnerable and, with the still insufficiently-secured IoT devices as well as the progressing digitalisation, there are so many gateways for hackers like never before.

Cyber-security should thus be the focus of your company as well. Even in politics, cyber-security is a big theme: Thus, the German federal government issues harsh penalties for, among other things, cyber-attacks by foreign hackers on German government institutions, e.g. the OPCW, and demands stricter laws in order to protect sensitive information. In addition to the direct ramifications on a company’s financial stability, an attack by third parties can also have indirect consequences, e.g. through damage to one’s image. Thus, increasing the IT security is thus a central factor for your company’s long-term success.

Conventional systems are seldom sufficiently protected against external attacks and thus open gateways for hackers whom the IT Security Division is often not aware of at all. A so-called security information and event management, referred to in shortened form: SIEM, can limit the threat of cyber-attacks through the combination of real-time analyses and potential risk notifications.

However, the biggest weak point is and remains the human being: Only if employees and users are sufficiently informed of the risks and dangers and are constantly updated regarding the latest developments can the hackers’ advantage during the scramble for cyber-security be reduced or mitigated.

Focus now on security and, by cooperating with us, find the candidates who will always protect your company and safeguard it from the cyber-attack risks which are constantly being redefined.

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