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The threat of cyber-attacks by hackers, nation states or e-criminals is nowadays commonplace. Owing to the high degree of digitalisation and the increasing linking of systems with the Internet, companies in the 21st century are becoming more and more vulnerable to attacks. This has not just a negative influence on the business operations, but rather also triggers massive financial losses and damage to one’s image. For these reasons, the need is growing for Managers who can strengthen the security of digital information and data at the company.

At PALTRON, we understand how vast and significant the sphere of responsibility is of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at companies. Our vast network of more than 450,000 IT experts and Managers will enable us to support you during the search for the ideal CISO. Through our software-based and data-driven executive search process, we will present you with suitable candidates in only one month’s time!

CISO – Responsible for the Information Security at the Company.

The CISO’s job position has, before the backdrop of the high relevance of information security, only then established itself within the organisational structures in recent years. Particularly large companies require Managers who assume responsibility for the IT security. In addition to the CIO (Chief Information Officer) who is responsible for the functionality of the ITC infrastructure and the CSO (Chief Security Officer) who, as his main task, safeguards the technical and physical infrastructure, the CISO has the goal of protecting all company-internal data and information.

In addition to the drafting and implementation of guidelines and goals for the improvement of IT security, he creates a security-consciousness for handling data. In order to do this, he organises training classes or campaigns in which the purpose and added value of digital information security guidelines and digital information security procedures are communicated to the employees. As the size of the company grows, the CISO’s sphere of responsibility also grows accordingly.

Owing to our eight years of executive search and consulting experience in the Digital Division from start-ups to the group of companies, we know what skills make a successful CISO. PALTRON’s profound market knowledge will help us to cover all aspects of your requirements – including with regards to the cultural fit – and continue to develop and expand your team.

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