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DevSecOps – a New Approach for Guaranteeing Continuous Cyber Security.

In recent years, the implementation of so-called DevOps has become increasingly important for companies. The term is composed of Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) and is supposed to fundamentally enable a process improvement approach in the Software Development and System Administration Divisions whereby the company-internal cooperation is supposed to be designed to be more effective and more efficient. As sensible and goal-oriented these innovations also are, just as important at the same time is the consideration of the security aspect as well. The high work speed resulting from the introduction of the DevOps and the necessity of being able to react to market changes as quickly as possible makes the software itself even more error-prone and opens gaps for external attacks.

As a logical consequence, the expansion to the DevSecOps has been created, a combination of Development, Security and Operations. This restructuring enables constant security during the development process with the simultaneous opportunity to dynamically adapt to the customers’ requirements. In this regard, particularly important for the implementation of the restructuring measures is less the technology itself than the constructive contributions of the employees and/or an open and transparent company culture.

Accordingly, a professional and custom-fit filling of the vacant positions on your teams is a significant challenge whereby we would be glad to support you and, via our expertise, find the perfect candidate for your position.

By Cooperating with Us, You Will Find Your DevSecOps Expert.

The introduction of the so-called DevOps enables companies to attain an increase in efficiency in the programme development and thus savings in monetary and time resources. With the increasing requirements to adapt to the developments and intervene in crisis situations as quickly as possible, the processes become more error-prone. An answer in this regard is provided by the DevSecOps who expand the connection between the development and operation by the security aspect.

Owing to the high relevance of this theme, as the leading digital personnel consulting firm, PALTRON has specialised in the search for professionals in the IT Division. Through a unique executive research process consisting of more than 70 steps, our headhunting experts will ensure that we will present to you the most-suitable candidates for your specific job requirements profile. Likewise, through company-specific market and feasibility analyses, we guarantee the presentation of candidates within the first 30 days.

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