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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will find the best candidates for your individual requirements.


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IT Security Engineer – Warrior against the Dark Side of Digitalisation.

The generation, management and the exchange of data are playing an ever-greater role in the digitalised company world. Because these data are so valuable, it is also just as important to protect these data by generating realistic risk assessments and identifying security defects. In concrete crisis situations as well, an intervention is part of the successful operation with data quantities and is thus essential for the company’s competitive placement on the market.

A key figure for this challenge is assumed by the IT Security Engineer’s position. In addition to his profound software expertise, he is also characterised by his high stress tolerance and displays a high sense of responsibility with regards to overall entrepreneurial goals. Upon the basis of the given security, it is possible for the company to monitor the daily operational business, to develop customer-oriented innovations and thus to remain competitive.

By cooperating with you, we can use our expertise in order to precisely and professionally fill your personal key positions in order to guarantee long-term company success and also to be open-minded towards future innovations.

Does Your IT Security Need an Update?

The digitalisation of many business processes poses ever-new challenges for IT companies. On the one hand, the implementation of digital innovations enables an ever-more detailed and ever-more complex handling of large data quantities. On the other hand, these contents must be managed and protected in order to be able to operate with them at all. In this context, the IDC forecasted that, by 2022, more than 50% of all server data will be encrypted whereby, in addition to the current relevance, the future relevance of this theme should also be emphasised.

PALTRON, as a digital personnel consulting firm, combines function-specific and industry-specific expertise with general IT security themes. Via our KPI-driven multi-channel search via 20 different channels and networks, we will find the most qualified IT Security Specialists. Moreover, in addition to excellent recruiting solutions, you will also profit from our specific location and requirements analyses. Thus, we recruit in such a data-driven manner as online marketing firms advertise. Contact us and have yourself advised individually by our headhunting experts.

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