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IT Security Auditor – Controlling Authority and Quality Assurance Monitor.

The IT Security Auditor is responsible for the analysis and assessment of IT-supported business processes with regards to their efficiency and quality, potential risk factors as well as the fulfilment of internal and external standards. They are deployed in all those industries in which highly-complex information technology is required. As an interface function between various Business Units, they possess profound know-how in the areas of IT applications, data protection, infrastructure and security. At companies, this professional group can be deployed both as an internal salaried employee as well as also as an external freelancer. In-house IT Security Auditors are the better choice over the long term in comparison with one or more expensive freelancers. They must often be trained for projects and on the company culture and represent only conditionally your individual requirements.

The main task of an IT Security Auditor consists of the analysis of information systems within a company in order to be able to determine the required correction or improvement measures. The auditing criteria can be analysed in the form of question and observational techniques as well as documentation and checklists. Laws, regulations, ISO norms or internal central instructions serve in this case as guidelines. During the data analysis, at the beginning, he identifies optimisation potential and security gaps in a company’s respective information technology. The IT Security Auditor subsequently shares the results of the analysis with the internal management. Moreover, the IT Security Auditors can also function at the company as IT Consultants for security themes. In order to eliminate any security gaps and then implement the required business processes, a high degree of IT know-how is required. In addition, programming language skills are advantageous. Security Auditors require well-founded and solid qualifications in, among others, system administration, cloud computing and compliance in IT.

As an IT personnel consulting firm, we are familiar with the requirements and standards of our clients. Thus, we know which characterises a competent IT Security Auditor. So that you can also work in the future in a secure environment, we will support you with our many years of experience working with companies of all sizes and from all industries. This distinguishes us at PALTRON and will help us to find the ideal candidates for your job requirements profile.

Security First – We Will Search for the Ideal Candidates for You.

During the Digitalisation Age, the theme of IT security is playing a critical role for companies. In order to be able to comprehensively protect oneself against cyber-attacks, highly-qualified IT security experts are required. They also include the IT Security Auditor who is competent particularly for the monitoring and auditing of the data processing and information transfer systems at the company.

The goal of these tasks is to reduce the potential threats caused by cyber-attacks as well as to fulfil internal as well as external guidelines. For successful goal-attainment, a custom-fit filling of the IT Security Auditor’s position is of central importance. Precisely for this reason, as the leading IT personnel consulting firm, PALTRON has made it its mission to identify the ideal candidates for your IT security positions.

Through a KPI-based and software-driven multi-channel search, we can guarantee you both speed as well as high quality during the recruiting process. Moreover, profit from our network of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts. Contact us and have yourself individually advised by our headhunting experts.

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