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The constantly-advancing digitalisation of companies as well as the related worldwide networking of companies has opened quite new leeway to companies for taking action and being creative. The business analytics or also Business Intelligence (BI) combines not just the areas of business and informatics with each other, but rather enables companies to conduct IT-supported, automated collection as well as the compilation and depiction of business-relevant information.

In this regard, the focus is on both the creation of business know-how regarding the current status quo of a company as well as the indication of potential perspectives and any changes in the respective business environment. These days, companies are faced with big challenges which can be mastered only via fast intervention. Thus, Business Intelligence sets the goal for itself to support and speed up the decision-making at companies.

At PALTRON, we know about the increasing importance of data and business analyses for company success. For this reason, as the leading personnel consulting firm in IT and technologies of the future, we have in recent years developed an impressive network of Business Intelligence Analysts. Utilise this network and contact us. We would be glad to advise you and individually as well!

Conception, New Development, Monitoring and Controlling – Central Tasks of a Business Intelligence Analyst.

The application of Business Intelligence is a continuous process which can be broken down into four phases. Initially, quantitative and qualitative data are collected and evaluated. Then the information is examined for models and theories via suitable procedures – the findings derived subsequently are integrated into the decision-making process for business transactions. During the last phase, the findings are implemented in concrete measures and thus complete the BI cycle which then starts once again anew. For this reason, the number of companies is increasing which deploy their own BI team and, for this, require an Analyst.

The Business Intelligence Analyst is, on the one hand, responsible for the conception and controlling of this cycle; on the other hand, he optimises and monitors all BI systems at the company. Moreover, he develops guidelines and concepts for special IT solutions which are subsequently implemented by Developers. For this, a comprehensive view of the problem’s data is required in order to be able to promptly identify opportunities and risks and introduce corresponding (counter-)measures. A BI Analyst is also responsible for the maintenance of the Business Intelligence solutions at a company and is thus obliged to observe market developments and remain in contact with BI software providers – skills in stakeholder and project management are thus indispensable and also characterise a Business Intelligence Analyst’s profile. The technologisation of business processes that dovetails with the Digital Revolution is currently increasing in importance.

By cooperating with you, as the leading personnel consulting firm in the area of trends and technologies, we will find the suitable candidates for the position of Business Intelligence Analyst. In addition to our data-driven executive search process, naturally also the cultural fit plays a critical role during the filling of your position. Together with you, PALTRON will find the ideal Business Intelligence Analyst in order to equip your company for the future.

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