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With the increasing data quantities (Big Data) at companies as well as the related need for data analysis, the need has also increased for experts – that is to say: Data Scientists. This job, often also referred to as one of the future-oriented job profiles of the 21st century, requires a mix of multi-disciplinary skills from the areas of mathematics, statistics, business and informatics. If the management responsibilities for a team are added to the typical tasks, one speaks of the Lead Data Scientist. However, it is difficult to find Data Scientists with extensive management experience. It is even more difficult to find Headhunters who understand what characterises the ideal Lead Data Scientist.

At PALTRON, as the leading personnel consulting firm for technologies of the future, we know quite precisely what job requirements profile candidates must fulfil. Via software-supported executive search processes and a network of more than 450,000 IT specialised and management personnel, we will also find the suitable candidate for your company. Let us convince you of our expertise and contact us. We would be glad to advise you!

Lead Data Scientist – Data and Statistical Expert with Leadership Qualities.

Data Science – thus the science of data – is a bundle of various related disciplines, e.g. informatics, mathematics, business management and statistics. Stated quite generally, Data Science entails examining data via scientific methods and utilising them within the company context. A Lead Data Scientist is a recognised expert in Data Science and leads teams of Data Scientists in order to develop innovative products and analytical tools. He is not just tasked with the evaluation of data, but rather must also understand business management correlations and be able to communicate the results.

However, the major part of the daily business consists of identifying and compiling suitable data sources as well as preparing analyses and implementing them with his team. Moreover, he assumes an important and proactive role in order to shape the Data Science strategy and also the company’s strategy in general.

Profit from our expertise as leading IT Headhunters and find your ideal candidates for the Lead Data Scientist’s position. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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