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The Personnel Consulting Firm with Profound Expertise in the ERP and SAP Divisions.

As specialised IT Headhunters, we will find ERP and SAP Specialists who will optimally depict your business processes in IT. Our data-driven executive search process will identify the best talents who fit your individual requirements.

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Under ERP (enterprise resource planning), one understands the comprehensive resource planning by a company. An ERP system enables companies to depict and control all business processes. With a market share of approx. 20 %, it is naturally not surprising that ERP first and foremost associated with SAP. However, the giant from Walldorf is by far not the sole provider in this Division. Rather, there are many providers who cover the entire spectrum from very comprehensive and generalist to very highly-specialised solutions for individual industries or product groups. In this case, finding the suitable candidate is not always easy.

Through many years of experience and an outstanding network coupled with a digital multi-channel search, PALTRON will support you in finding the candidate who will meet your needs.

ERP Systems are Used in Almost Every Division.

A company can no longer function these days without an ERP system adapted to its own needs. Whereas nonetheless previously it encompassed depicting core processes – from personnel to purchasing to production, new ERP solutions are extending far beyond just these areas. The use of the latest technologies – particularly in the Divisions of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence – has resulted in an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency in almost all divisions. Moreover, the cloud theme in this Division is becoming more and more important and naturally also data protection is playing an important role. In order to maintain an overview here and also to create added value for the company for the future, ERP Specialists are needed with a quite special skill set.

The advantages which are created from the implementation of the ERP system are diverse. Thus, core business processes can be optimised and automated so that employees obtain better results with fewer resources. Likewise, information silos are being eliminated and a uniform, central database is being created which quickly provides answers to critical business questions. In addition, through the usage of integrated ERP systems with a collective database, the IT is being simplified – this makes the employees’ work easier.

Last but not least, the usage of ERP systems results in processes that are more efficient and easy access to real-time data. Thus, new opportunities for the company can be identified early on and promptly utilised.

As a digital personnel consulting firm, we know what know-how experts must contribute for the ERP systems of the future. Through our algorithm-based executive search process, we will support you in finding the ideal candidate for your requirements.

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