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As an IT personnel consulting firm and a Headhunter, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the right experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates with the suitable skills in the ERP/SAP Division.

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During the course of the growth and the digitalisation of companies, efficient resource planning is indispensable. In this regard, an ERP system encompasses all company-relevant core processes, e.g. finance, personnel, production and logistics and integrates them into a single software environment. In this case, the German software giant SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of applications and is one of the best-known ERP software manufacturers. Thus, companies of any size can work in a more efficient and more targeted manner.

In this case, SAP and ERP offer many advantages, e.g. increased productivity through time savings, more transparency through central databases, faster reports and analyses through real-time processing as well as lower company risk through fast and reliable forecasts.

In this context, PALTRON can help you to find the suitable Project Leaders, Consultants and Developers in your ERP environment. As headhunting experts in the IT Division, we focus on the perfect fit between applicants and companies. Via our executive search and our innovative recruiting concept, we will find suitable candidates with comprehensive experience in the SAP Division – custom-fit for your company.

SAP / ERP – The Rock Star among the Enterprise Resource Planning Tools.

Via its future-oriented ERP system called S/4HANA, SAP has established a new and trend-setting environment in the ERP software environments Division on the market. A wide array of on-premise modules such as finance, logistics, R&D, purchasing and sales can be individually implemented, controlled, managed and expanded. In addition, interfaces to non-SAP systems can be realised without any problems. Via experienced SAP Consultants and Developers, each system and module can adapt to a company’s individual requirements.

In this context, the SAP ERP environments are suitable for a wide range of companies – from the small company to the large group company – and can be adapted, i.e. customised, individually by request by in-house SAP Consultants or also by external SAP consulting firms. In addition, both a purely cloud-based ERP system and also a hybrid system are possible in the form of a 2-tier ERP. In order to guarantee the implementation of a new ERP system or also the migration of an existing one to a new SAP environment, it is indispensable to cooperate with specialists in the SAP Division.

At PALTRON, we will support you to find the suitable know-how for your project. Regardless of whether it entails in-house SAP Consultants or the supporting of the customer on-site: Through our experience in the SAP Division, we will find seasoned experts for you who possess many years of experience working in the areas of migrations, roll-outs and upgrades in the popular SAP modules, but also the latest SAP cloud technologies, databases as well as in project management.

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