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The Personnel Consulting Firm with Profound Expertise in the IoT Division.

As specialised IT Headhunters, we will find the IoT experts who will network your intelligent devices and thus make their data usable. Our data-driven executive search process will identify the best talents who fit your individual requirements.

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By Cooperating with Us, You will Find Your IoT Professional.

In order to be able to produce and offer simple, functioning and above all secure IoT solutions, experts are needed who are passionately interested in this technology and will make your company prepared for its technological future.

For this reason, as the leading digital personnel consulting firm, PALTRON has specialised in the placement of IoT experts. Through company-specific market and feasibility analyses as well as a unique executive search process, we will be able to present you with the ideal candidate within 30 days so that your company will be able to secure an important competitive advantage through IoT.

Internet of Things Positionen

With IoT, Become the Forerunner Among the Competition.

IoT platforms are of central importance for Industry 4.0. 43% of the German industrial companies have already adopted IoT into their business model. In this context, the user and the end consumer are the focus.

Many companies invest million-dollar amounts in research and the dissemination of IoT devices. The so-called “smart devices”, e.g. wearables (= small networked computers which are worn on one’s body) or beacons (= so-called radio stations), are able to link and communicate via M2M (= machine-to-machine communication). Through the supplemental connection externally with the Internet, tasks can be implemented in an independent and fully-automated manner. Already-existing processes are analysed and, during the course thereof, designed to be more efficient, more convenient and more intelligent. 

This technology simplifies and improves decision-making, automates routine work and speeds up the communication. All of this occurs in the cloud environment – a virtual environment housed on server farms – in which the gigantic data quantities can be processed and controlled. Before this backdrop, the advantageousness of the IoT technology is revealed that namely this can bring the transformation towards digital to a new level.

Whoever does not now embrace this will not just lose out on enormous competitive advantages, but also will be confronted with his own technological development being stymied. As a personnel consulting firm, we know which makes an excellent IoT expert. So that your company can also profit from the IoT technology, at PALTRON, we will gladly support you during the search for the ideal candidate for your specific job requirements profile.


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