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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is forging ahead and is now indispensable in a wide array of industry Divisions. At more than one-fourth of the manufacturers of industrial products, IIoT is already being used. Via this technology, it is possible to link facilities to each other and among each other as well as to communicate via the Internet. PALTRON has also observed the changes which IIoT has brought to the industries. So that your company can also successfully participate in the Digital Revolution via IloT solutions, as a personnel consulting firm for IT and technologies of the future, we have specialised in the placement of IloT experts. Thanks to our unique executive search process, we will find the ideal candidate for your job requirements profile within 30 days. We look forward to presenting him/her to you!

IIoT – Key Technology of Digitalisation!

Many companies have already recognised that it is unavoidable for the preservation of competiveness to realise IloT projects. But what precisely is understood with IIoT and how does this technology differ from the Internet of Things (IoT) from the world of consumer goods?

With the term IloT, one can understand devices and progressive analytical platforms associated with the Internet which can process the data generated by them. In this regard, IloT devices can be tiny environmental sensors or high-tech industrial robots. In contrast to IoT, with the IloT technology, the end consumers are not the focus, but rather industrial processes and sequences. Thus, as a rule, the IIoT is used to monitor and control production processes and collects detailed data for the quality management. But also, beyond the production, the IIoT is a future-oriented technology, for example, in the retail segment or in the healthcare segment. In retail, the IloT technology could make it possible that faster and more efficient marketing decisions can be made for individual branches. Thus, through the use of innovative shop windows which automatically change based upon the respective customer’s interests or advertising measures based upon IloT data, substantial competitive advantages could be realised. Conversely, IIoT in the healthcare segment could contribute to greater precision and responsiveness by monitoring the patients’ health remotely via devices. In the case of changes in specific health parameters, providers of health services would be notified and corresponding preventative measures could be commenced.

The usage of IloT technology enables a substantial increase in operational efficiency whereby it has turned out to be a key technology for the advancing digitalisation. In the case of successful implementation, in addition to maximising sales, additional advantages of this technology can be utilised. Thus, products and their functions can be adapted faster to the changing customer requirements. In this regard, not just the minimisation of cost expenditures is advantageous, but rather also the reduced time usage. Through preventative measures, downtimes can be reduced or even avoided altogether.

So that you can also utilise the advantages of the IloT technology for your company, at PALTRON, we want to support you during the placement of IloT experts. Through our experience in the IloT Division, we understand what know-how experts contribute. With us, as the leading digital personnel consulting firm at your side, we will find your IloT expert!


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