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The central challenge and task in IT management consists of undertaking strategic planning of the IT architectures for the company. This includes both the modernisation of the currently-installed IT systems as well as also the management of the complex IT infrastructure. Ultimately, the goal is to supply an adaptable IT infrastructure which guarantees continuous and reliable IT operations. For the mastering of these challenging tasks, highly-qualified IT experts are needed who understand how to optimally use the existing infrastructure via intelligent and dynamic management.

Through our software-supported selection process with a two-stage interview process, as the leading IT personnel consulting firm, PALTRON will guarantee you excellent quality. Profit from our network consisting of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts and meet suitable candidates after only 30 days.

IT Architecture – the Hub of Digitalisation.

IT architecture describes technical components such as

  • IT systems

  • Applications

  • Integration interfaces

  • Data structures & infrastructure components 

Models of IT architectures can, firstly, be used for an efficient inventory management of IT components and, secondly, also serve as a planning tool. In addition to IT architecture models, the standards, according to which IT architectures are to be created (e.g. technology standards, architectural principles), likewise become an integral component of the IT architecture management.

For the management and the modelling of IT architectures, countless tools exist on the market such as, for example, TOGAF, C4iSR or LeanIX. Frequently, the company management and also the IT Managers are overburdened as the result of the requirements as well as the multitude of offerings and solutions.

Thus, making decisions regarding the IT architectures is not always easy. Therefore, in the past, often IT systems were set up and applications were developed in an uncoordinated manner which wasted enormous quantities of money and resources in operations and support or simply were no longer maintainable. 

The IT infrastructures and IT applications utilised have often grown organically – particularly among medium-sized and large companies and/or government offices.

Over the course of years, a comprehensive IT application landscape has been created which is based upon very different and diverse technologies, development paradigms and tools.

The question, which the decision-makers have to deal with these days, is namely which framework conditions must be fulfilled for the implementation of IT architecture management. For this, firstly, it is necessary to harmonise the business strategy and the IT strategy so that the company’s overall strategy can comprehensively determine the formulation of the IT strategy. 

Moreover, through the introduction of standard-based hardware and software solutions, improved data availability, flexibility and adaptability can be attained. Likewise, through a modular, integrated system architecture, the scalability, the efficiency and the resource utilisation of IT applications can be substantially improved.

Ultimately, a simplification and/or a standardisation of the IT landscape will result in an improvement of the operational efficiency and the administrative expenditures and the support costs can be reduced.

So that your company will also be able to meet the increasing IT architecture requirements, we will cooperate with you in order to find the ideal candidates. As the leading digital personnel consulting firm, let us convince you and contact us. Our headhunting experts would be glad to advise you!

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