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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates for your individual requirements.

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Enterprise Architecture – the Supreme Discipline in IT.

The Enterprise Architect is an informatics expert and a Manager at the same time. This position assumes a central role in the IT Divisions and, for this reason, it is often assigned a staff position which reports directly to the CIO. An Enterprise Architect possesses comprehensive technical expertise and ensures the completeness as well as the quality of the architecture across divisions while following the corporate strategy. Depending on the company’s size, this can also be assumed by other roles and/or, at larger companies, this role can be assumed by multiple players who jointly develop and design the Enterprise Architecture (EA).

The Enterprise Architect determines the synergies between the sub-areas (business, information, application and infrastructure architecture) and tests the solutions which have been developed by the Solution Architects. The goal of these tasks is that, through the EA, to be able to respond faster to changing customer requirements and business goals. Before this backdrop, the theme of EA has ascended in recent years to become a decisive factor for entrepreneurial success.

In addition to his profound expertise in a wide array of IT Divisions, an Enterprise Architect should possess an understanding of business processes and the company’s strategy in order to be able to adapt the EA to these factors in a targeted manner. In order to attain an optimal cooperation on all levels, strong communication skills are also essential because the Enterprise Architect functions as a sparring partner for diverse divisions and stakeholders. As a digital personnel consulting firm, we know which know-how an Enterprise Architect must contribute.

Via our algorithm-based executive search process, we will support you in order to find the ideal candidate for your requirements.

We Will Help You to Find the Suitable Enterprise Architect.

The implementation of an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is the supreme discipline in IT and one of the most complex projects which a company can undertake. The goal is to see and control the IT systems and IT processes as well as the entire company and thus to attain the optimal harmony between the IT and business goals. EAM supplies a clear set of rules for the IT planning, an approach and decision-making guidelines which improve a company’s adaptability when implemented correctly. Thus, EAM is not just a theme for groups of companies, but also medium-sized companies with complex and heterogeneous IT landscapes will profit from this.

Particularly in times of ever-shorter technology lifecycles and new technological possibilities, the pressure is increasing on companies to be able to adapt quickly to changing market situations in order to remain competitive. At PALTRON, we know what influence EAM can exert on the company’s success.

Precisely for this reason, as a personnel consulting firm for the technologies of the future, we have specialised in the filling of EAM professional job positions. Profit from our KPI-driven multi-channel search via 20 different channels and a network of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts. We are proud to be able to assert that we recruit in such a data-driven manner like online marketing companies advertise. Curious? Contact us! We would be glad to advise you.

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