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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates for your individual requirements.

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IT architecture is the foundation of each digitalisation strategy. A study conducted by the International Data Group determined that, in addition to Cyber-Security Specialists, Cloud Architects and Data Scientists, IT Architects will be among the most in-demand IT positions until 2020. Particularly the design and the conception of innovative system solutions and Software Architects fall into the sphere of work duties of an IT Architect. In this context, particularly the analytical process is critical for attaining profitable results.

In order to efficiently support you during the search for IT Architects, at PALTRON, as the leading IT personnel consulting firm, we utilise a data-driven KPI-based executive search process. Likewise, through company-specific market and feasibility analyses, we guarantee the presentation of candidates within the first 30 days.

IT Architect – Both Visionary and Analyst.

IT Architects (Architect, Greek for “Senior Artisan”) are, like during the construction of a real estate property, the indispensable masterminds of an IT project. They are responsible for the interplay of infrastructures and software as well as the interfaces and guarantee the system’s homogeneity. They plan and define not just the system architectures, but rather also are competent for the analysis of new trends and their potential for standardisation.

In order to be able to ensure an efficient company architecture, they cooperate closely with Developers for the conception of new applications and solutions. They decide, for example, how an existing IT infrastructure that is becoming outdated can be redesigned during the course of the digitalisation/modernisation. Is the total environment supposed to be revised and implemented within the cloud or is only the front end supposed to be revised and docked to the old system? Which frameworks and programmes are supposed to be used in the future? In such situations, a good IT Architect must maintain an overall perspective.

It is necessary to find the balance between, firstly, the new requirements and the desire for flexibility and agility as well as, secondly, the stable operation of the core business. In this case, the IT Architect must be as broad-based as possible, be able to rely on a wealth of experience and find the right words in order to, despite controversial opinions, affect the decision that is right for the IT landscape and also oftentimes complex.

The best candidates from the IT architecture Division can contribute at least several years of professional experience as an Informatics Specialist or a Business Informatics Specialist. In this context, it helps if one can provide both experience in development as well as also in operations. Thus, oftentimes good IT Architects previously worked as IT Consultants and have ideally already led small to medium-sized teams.

As the leading digital personnel consulting firm, we will support you during the search for IT Architects who can combine their profound technical know-how with a persuasive, motivating and communicative demeanour. For this, during our recruiting process, we integrate both a data-driven executive search as well as also the cultural fit. Thus, we will find precisely the candidate who perfectly fits you and your company!

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