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Each construction design requires a competent Architect. This is also the case with the theme of software development. The designing of a viable architecture is an essential component during the planning and the design of applications, tools, web shops and web environments. The Software Architect is responsible for the drafting of concepts, the improvement of existing architectures and also the optimisation of work processes. Likewise, the Software Architect fulfils the requirements of the stakeholders and drafts a viable concept for implementation and design. The tasks of a Software Architect are extremely diverse, require an analytical, structured approach as well as comprehensive as well as profound technical expertise in informatics.

At PALTRON, we are characterised by a comprehensive understanding of the market, are superbly networked and will search for the best candidates on the market for you and your project via our KPI-driven executive search process.

Software Architect - Analyst, Programmer and Planning Genius.

The Software Architect is a true all-rounder. He is a Project Planner, Coder and Manager of the Stakeholders. He is comprehensively familiar with the requirements and the systematic implementation of modern software environments as well as analyses, sketches and designs concepts and environments and implements them jointly with the Software Developers. In this context, he frequently acts as a Project Leader and coordinates his team consisting of internal and, where applicable, also external Developers via agile methods such as, for example, SCRUM or KANBAN.

In the software architecture Division, it is also not just important to be up-to-date in the programming area, e.g. in the areas of Java, PHP, Microservices, cloud (MS Azure, AWS) or containers (Docker, Kubernetes), but rather also be able to present the projects and approaches of all participating stakeholders and to be able to respond accordingly to unforeseen events without putting the project’s success at risk. Last but not least, strong interpersonal skills are also necessary in order to beneficially convey the competences to the team and the stakeholders.

Software architecture is a broad-based field in which many of the Architects have their professional roots in the area of software development. An analytical mind-set, a structured approach and excellent foreign language skills are likewise of critical importance for being able to plan projects and act confidently on international project teams.

Thus, it is extremely important for us at PALTRON to, in addition to the hard skills of the candidates, also integrate the cultural fit into our innovative recruiting process. Thus, we will find the perfect candidate who precisely fits you and your team.

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