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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates for your individual requirements.

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We Will Find the Ideal Solution Architect for You.

The designing of a sustainable system architecture within the parameters of a specific solution or a specific context can be understood to be a solution architecture or also in German: Lösungsarchitektur. This can include the description of a complete system, but also encompass only specific parts or the integration of external systems. The Solution Architect integrates his entire software know-how, his comprehensive understanding of the customer’s requests and also the end user’s perspective into the design process. He represents the concept both internally as well as also externally to the stakeholders and channels the team’s energy and ideas.

Via our data-driven and KPI-based executive search, we will find the ideal candidates for your company and propel your projects forward! In the current labour market where the best and most highly-experienced specialists are fiercely fought over, we can rely on a network of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts.

Solution Architect – Project Planner, IT Specialist and Customer Consultant All-In-One.

For each conceivable construction project, a competent Architect is required. The situation is not that different when it involves the development of specific IT applications. The Solution Architect possesses profound expertise regarding the possibilities of and requirements for modern apps and Web applications.

He is characterised by a profound strategic mind-set, can draft complex technical definitions and solution modules in the context of customer goals, design them and implement them with his team of Software Developers. The Solution Architect cooperates closely with the customers, Engineers, Developers and Product Teams in order to develop flexible, scalable, sustainable as well as fail-proof architectures. Developing solution structures and solution strategies is both on his agenda as well as developing resources, motivating his team and ultimately delivering the desired solutions. In this context, technical know-how lies in the coding area (Java, .Net & C#), but also in the cloud area (MS Azure, AWS), container (among others, Docker, Kubernetes) and testing (e.g. Jenkins).

In addition to our data-driven executive search, we also integrate the cultural fit into our recruiting process. As the leading IT personnel consulting firm, we can thus ensure that we will identify the ideal candidate for your specific job requirements profile for you. Contact us and have yourself advised individually by our headhunting experts.

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