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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable Managers for you for your transformation in the IT Division. Our comprehensive multi-channel search and a data-driven executive search process will identify the best candidates based upon your requirements.

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Each IT project needs a Helmsman who will keep the project on its right course. IT Project Leaders, often also called Project Managers, fulfil precisely this function. These experienced all-round talents are more in-demand than ever on the labour market today because they can substantially influence the respective project’s success.


Precisely for this reason, at PALTRON, as a digital personnel consulting firm, we have specialised in the search for and placement of IT Project Leaders and will support you during the development of digital competitive advantages. Through our rapidly-growing network of more than 450,000 Digital Managers and a standardised executive search process, we will guarantee you the most-suitable candidates for your specific job requirements profile.

IT Project Leader – Coordinator, Technical Expert and Strategist in One Person.

At your company, an IT Project Leader is the human interface between the application development and the users. He is a genuine all-round talent and successfully realises, organises and controls IT projects. The Project Leader assumes responsibility for the coordination of all participating employees, divisions and external service providers and, in so doing, always focuses on the timetable and the budget. He thus assumes doubled responsibilities because he is not just responsible for the implementation, but rather also the goal-attainment.

A good Project Leader works according to the maxim: To attain the best results with as many resources as required, but as few as possible. During the planning phase, a wide array of parties, e.g. System Operator, Lead Architect, Head of Development, Head Designer and Quality Manager must work in harmony with each other. The cooperation and the exchange of ideas between the Specialised Divisions are controlled and promoted by the Project Leader. Moreover, he defines the goals, creates release plans and attends to the allocation of tasks. He makes the decisions regarding the methods and tools used because, depending on the project and the plan, other platforms, development environments, architectures and programming languages may possibly be beneficial. Based upon the original concept, the respective experts attend to the technical specifications, the technical design, the testing as well as the subsequent implementation and quality assurance.

In this regard, the Project Leader remains the first contact person, conducts meetings and is in constant contact with Programmers and Product Managers. At the same time, a good Project Leader actively reports to the Executive Management and/or the superordinated decision-making level. Over the long term, company-internal Project Leaders are the better choice over expensive freelancers. They must often be trained for the projects and on the company culture and represent only conditionally your individual requirements for projects. Clients from a wide array of industries have already placed their confidence in us during the search for and placement of IT Project Leaders with a wide array of specialisations in the IT environment and are convinced of our personnel consulting expertise.

Jointly, we will also find for you the best and most experienced candidates for your company’s continued development and expansion. Contact us and have yourself advised individually by our experts!

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