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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable experts for you. Through our comprehensive multi-channel search and a network consisting of more than 450,000 IT and digital experts, we will identify the best candidates for your individual requirements.

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Network Administrators fundamentally manage the IT infrastructures of companies, institutes or other organisations. They include all activities which affect the planning, installation, monitoring and maintenance of the network’s own computer systems. At modern companies, the position of the Network Administrator is assigned high importance because particularly the IT infrastructure decisively influences the functional implementation of the business processes.

The Network Administrator and his mission of guaranteeing a flawlessly functioning network are consequently of critical importance for the company’s success. Accordingly, the identification of highly-qualified Network Administrators should also be assigned high importance at your company.

Through the software-based and key indicator-driven executive search process from PALTRON, our headhunting experts ensure that you are presented with the suitable candidates for your special requirements. Through unique market and feasibility analyses, we will be able to present you with suitable candidates within 30 days on average. Fulfil the increasing requirements prescribed by your company network and find your Network Administrator now.

Why a Highly-Qualified Network Administrator Can Optimise Your IT.

The network is the central component of a company’s IT infrastructure and houses the totality of the communication services. Owing to its countless functions, it must be considered to be a communication technology pillar.

The sphere of tasks of the Network Administrators is accordingly quite broad-based and includes, based upon the company’s specific requirement, the administration of numerous diverse IT infrastructures. They include, among others, the conception, the set-up, the controlling and the maintenance of the work station computer and network structure – both with regards to wired as well as also wireless connections. In this context, the Network Administrator must also analyse and eliminate any disruptions in the network infrastructure.

An additional essential component of the tasks of a Network Administrator consists of the management of the client and server structures – more precisely stated, their planning and set-up. This serves as the basis for the company communication by ensuring the allocation and delivery of all programmes required for the respective work processes. In this context, the conception of the so-called directory services such as DNS, DHCP or LDAP is also among the Administrator’s tasks. In this regard, the Network Administrator must ensure particularly that the resources are made available reliability and without any restrictions. In order to guarantee an effective work structure via the existing IT infrastructures, sometimes also the advising, supporting and training of employees is also conducted by the Network Administrator.

Moreover, the existing hardware and software must be continuously maintained as well as new software must be allocated. Even the safeguarding of the company data is among the Network Administrator’s sphere of work duties. Particularly in company networks, an enormous number of different devices are connected whereby a highly-complex network infrastructure is created. Only a reliable and high-performing network can guarantee satisfactory communication and a seamless work process in modern operations. Accordingly, the identification of highly-qualified Network Administrators poses a special challenge for the companies.

As a digital consulting firm, we possess the required expertise in order to find the right network experts for your company. Via our unique executive search process, we will help you to find the ideal candidate for your network requirements.

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