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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable Managers and experts for you. Our comprehensive multi-channel search and a data-driven executive search process will identify the best candidates based upon your requirements.

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We Will Find the Suitable Candidate for Your Chief Software Architect Position.

The digitalisation of economic processes is increasingly posing complex challenges for companies. In this context, the position of Chief Software Architect is assigned a particularly important role because he represents the connective link between the stakeholders of the entire company, the simultaneous management of individual projects, the implementation of new innovations and the software development itself. Thus, he creates the basic framework for the IT development.

The importance of this position is also confirmed by a study conducted by the International Data Group which determined that, besides Security Specialists, Cloud Architects and Data Scientists, Software Architects will be among the most in-demand IT professions until 2020.

Owing to the high relevance of this theme, as the leading digital personnel consulting firm, PALTRON has specialised in the search for professionals in the IT Division. Through a unique executive research process consisting of more than 70 steps, our headhunting experts will ensure that we will present to you the perfect candidates for your specific requirements profile. Likewise, through company-specific market and feasibility analyses, we will guarantee the presentation of candidates to you within the first 30 days.

Chief Software Architect – Indispensable Person for a Professional Software Architecture.

As an IT company, in order to be able to act successfully and innovatively over the long term, clearly-structured company processes and a defined allocation of responsibilities are required. In this context, the Chief Software Architects assume a critical role because they create the connective link between various company divisions as well as coordinate and channel those company-internal resources. In addition to their close cooperation with Software Developers, they themselves assume project management positions and engage in highly-frequent exchanges of ideas with the management level whereby, at large companies, they also represent the interests of the other Software Architects. This position enables the company to implement digitalisation processes in a customised and long-term manner, to address current trends and to design processes to run as seamlessly as possible.

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