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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable Managers for you. Our comprehensive multi-channel search, a data-driven executive search process and multi-stage interviews will identify the best candidates based upon your requirements.

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The digitalisation of business processes is resulting in companies being faced by increasingly-complex challenges. In this context, the CIO’s position assumes a particularly important role because he implements the requirements prescribed by the executive management for the IT landscape and thus acts as the connective link between the decision-makers and the IT Divisions. Thus, the requirements for such a strategic position are very demanding. In addition to profound technical know-how in almost all areas of IT, an entrepreneurial mind-set and action as well as outstanding communication and presentation skills are required.                        

Precisely for this reason, we at PALTRON, as the leading personnel consulting firm for the technologies of the future, have specialised in the filling of CIO positions. Owing to a sophisticated and validated KPI-driven multi-channel search, we can guarantee you suitable candidates and a fast process in filling your vacant position. Thus, we can proudly claim that we recruit in such a data-driven way in much the same way as online marketing agencies advertise. Curious? Contact our headhunting experts and convince yourself of our recruiting experience.

CIO – Technical Expert and Corporate Strategist.

In order to be able to act as an IT company in a successful and innovative manner over the long term, clearly-structured company processes and a defined allocation of responsibilities are required. In this context, the CIO assumes a critical role. He thus also has both strategic as well as operational management tasks and organises the internal structures in the company’s IT Division. In this highest-level management position, the CIO is primarily responsible for the development of a strong relationship between the IT strategy and business strategy and prescribes the IT’s internal framework conditions.

The tasks of a CIO can in principle be broken down into three areas: 

  • The first area of responsibility encompasses the operational business. Accordingly, the CIO is responsible for ensuring that the daily business runs seamlessly within the IT.

  • In the second area of responsibility, the CIO handles the theme of innovation management. Here, the goal is to constantly promote the continued development of the company.

  • The third area of responsibility encompasses the strategic orientation of the IT. Here, among others, suitable technologies for the company are selected.

One also speaks of the “design of IT architecture”. In order to be able to cover these work areas, extraordinary know-how in all areas of IT and outstanding conceptual skills are required.

At PALTRON, we are aware of the tasks and the responsibilities of a CIO and speak with candidates at eye level. We will gladly also find your ideal CIO who will make your company fit for the competition!

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