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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable Managers for you. Our comprehensive multi-channel search, a data-driven executive search process and multi-stage interviews will identify the best candidates based upon your requirements.

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Technical changes and innovations are on the daily agenda of each digital company. The CTO (Chief Technical Officer) has the task of modernising a company’s IT infrastructure in order to support the employees in the daily business. He implements the requirements at the C level in order to create a technical solution.


At PALTRON, we understand what influence a CTO has on a company’s technological development and profitability. By utilising our eight years of experience conducting executive searches and consulting in the digital Division, we know what a CTO must contribute in addition to profound technical expertise. Through our KPI-driven multi-channel search and our network consisting of more than 450,000 IT experts, we will find your perfect CTO within four weeks.

CTO – Responsible for the Development and the Expansion of the Entire IT.

Profound technical expertise and a focus on the technical innovations on the market – this and much more distinguish a successful CTO. In comparison with the CIO who places his focus on the internal structures in the IT Division, the CTO is primarily responsible for continuing to develop the IT strategy. In order to do this, extraordinary know-how with regards to the national and also the international IT markets is indispensable. The evaluation of new technologies, software and hardware as well as service providers thus constitute one of the most important tasks of a CTO.

The challenge is to harmonise this task with the corporate strategy and then to implement it within the existing IT infrastructure. Moreover, the CTO has the task of ensuring the user-friendly usage of the IT by the employees in the daily business. In addition to these numerous tasks, an exchange of ideas upon a regular basis between the CIO and the CTO is particularly important. The latter thus forms an interface between management and the Technical Divisions and ensures the exchange of ideas process upon a regular basis.

With PALTRON, you will find the right candidate for the set-up and the development of your company’s IT structure. We look forward to receiving the opportunity to present such candidates to you.

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