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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable Managers for you. Our comprehensive multi-channel search and a data-driven executive search process will identify the best candidates based upon your requirements.

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The globalisation process has changed the corporate world in recent decades sustainably and irrevocably. More and more company-internal processes have been digitalised, new techniques have been implemented and obsolete, primarily manual processes have been eliminated. As the result of those developments, it is more important today than ever to introduce positions like the position of the Head of Engineering. He is not just responsible for the front-end and back-end development teams, but rather also for the quality of a business’s web architecture.

As the leading digital personnel consulting firm, we are aware of the influence of a Head of Engineering on the efficiency and the development of the company-internal systems and know which skills, in addition to a profound technical understanding, must be available. With the help provided by our network consisting of more than 450,000 digital and IT experts, we will also find your ideal Head of Engineering. Our mission is to develop great IT teams and to support you during the expansion of your digital competitive advantages. Convince yourself of our expertise!

Head of Engineering – Technical All-Round Talent with Leadership Qualities.

Manager, Project Leader and expert in the set-up, implementation and development of those technologies. Many additional points characterise a successful Head of Engineering in addition to excellent communication and teamwork skills, a solution-oriented and strategic mind-set as well as very good leadership qualities. From the comprehensive supporting and/or coordination of all operationally-technical processes to the procurement and maintenance of technical facilities, the Head of Engineering functions as an all-round talent at the company and must assume a large sphere of responsibilities. He has the goal of preserving the stability, speed and functionality of the company’s core platform and sustainably improving it. In addition, he is responsible for the overall quality of the company’s Web architecture. The position of the Head of Engineering becomes a key figure in the company’s development and safeguards its competitiveness over the long term. Through the customised filling of this position, a secure organisational climate can be created and the employees’ productivity can be increased.

As the leading digital personnel consulting firm, with the ideal Head of Engineering, we will also enable your company to continue to be competitive in the future. Trust our expertise from more than 8 years of executive search and consulting experience. Through our software-supported selection processes, PALTRON will guarantee you high quality during the candidate search. Thus, we will already be able to present you with custom-fit candidates for your Head of Engineering position after only 30 days.

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