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As IT Headhunters, we understand the special requirements in the IT Division and will find the suitable Managers and experts for you. Our comprehensive multi-channel search and a data-driven executive search process will identify the best Lead Developers based upon your requirements.

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During the course of the development and the renewal of digital processes, the complexity of the company-internal processes grows. Despite the increase in that complexity, it is primarily the digitalisation processes which enable companies to be competitive over the long term. In order to, on the one hand, maintain an overview of the current developments and, on the other hand, sensibly take action in the right places in order to improve them, as the competent management position, the Lead Developer is of central importance. With regards to IT trends, a study from Capgemini (2018) determined that the most dominant hurdles during the digitalisation at companies were unclear responsibilities, insufficient overall planning and excessively rigid organisational structures and thus emphasises the importance of Lead Developers as a competent management position.

Also we at PALTRON, as the leading digital personnel consulting firm, know about the importance of the Lead Developer position for company success. Precisely for this reason, over the last 8 years, we have developed an impressive network of highly-qualified Lead Developers. Profit from this network and contact us! We would be glad to advise you and individually as well.

Each Agile Team Needs a Lead Developer.

In today’s digitalised world, it is particularly important to have experienced and responsible leaders in one’s own ranks who can motivate your teams to constant improvement and coordinate them in a structured manner. As a management position, Lead Developers thus assume a critical role because they are responsible for the IT development at the company and can channel and coordinate the heterogeneous resources of your team in order to consequently maximise the output. This position makes it possible to form dynamic, innovative teams, make decisions and, upon this basis, work in a goal-oriented manner with high rate of progress. In addition to the team management tasks, the Lead Developer implements his own development processes and is constantly expanding his expertise.

In order to support your company over the long term and to optimally prepare you for the current challenges, as the leading digital personnel consulting firm, we will cooperate with you in order to find the suitable candidate to fill your Lead Developer’s position. In order to do this, in addition to our data-driven executive search process, we also integrate the cultural fit into our recruiting process. In this manner, we will find precisely the candidate who fits you and your team perfectly and who will motivate your employees to work towards the fulfilment of the company’s goals!

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