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Business process management (BPM) is one of the most important foundations for the digital transformation of companies because company-internal processes must be digitalised in order to be able to continue to fulfil the customers’ requests. This was also shown by the Business Process Management Study in 2017 that was conducted by the BearingPoint Company. The study revealed that 81% of the participants consider business process management to be an important theme in the company practice. In order to be able to place sufficient focus on the process management, trained personnel are required who will promote and advance the coordination between the digital strategy and process management.

As the leading personnel consulting firm in the digital Division, our IT Headhunters at PALTRON can identify with complex executive search processes and data-based recruiting candidate profiles on the market which affect your individual requirements. Through our vast network, the constantly-growing candidate pool as well as algorithm-driven search strategies, we will find the suitable IT experts for you.

Accelerate Business Processes with BPM.

These days, business models are become more and more complex and thus require a higher organisational expenditure in order to guarantee customer- and quality-oriented action and thus company success as well. For this reason, companies must concentrate on their business processes and manage them efficiently. Via modelling languages like UML and BPMN or activity diagrammes, business processes can be visually modelled.

In addition, many tools are currently being offered on the market which are supposed to provide support with this problem. However, a study conducted by PwC in cooperation with the University of Wurzburg regarding the theme of business process management showed that the implementation of the business process management is not being done in such a targeted and comprehensive manner as would be possible with the methods and analytical IT systems available.

A systematic monitoring of the processes based upon the defined KPI and their analysis will thus be done only in a conditional manner. Moreover, structures for the continuous improvement of business processes are often not customary in the company practice. The Process Manager fills this gap and coordinates tasks as well as activities in a goal-oriented manner on all process levels.

The important thing is that this position is conferred the required authority in order to undertake process optimisations as needed. This also includes the clear commitment from the management level. Moreover, a prioritisation of the business and service processes should be implemented and Process Owners should be determined so that a Process Manager can go to work. It is among his tasks to model concrete and functional processes, to monitor and document them via a process controlling. Furthermore, the various processes must be coordinated with each other and resources as well as competences scheduled.

As a digital personnel consulting firm, we know what know-how a Process Manager must contribute so that your company will not fall behind during the digitalisation and you can obtain the advantages from a structured process management. Via our unique executive search process, we will help you to find the ideal candidate for your job requirements profile in order to equip your company for the future.

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