1. Current state 

  • Needs analysis through employee survey or orientation workshop
  • Analysis of incapacity to work data
  • Ergonomics check of the workstations

2. Management involvement

  • Direct communication of the procedure to the employees

3. Examination with regard to possible subsidies by health insurance companies (Link)


  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Reducing the workload of employees
  • Stronger employee loyalty to the company
  • Increasing the attractiveness of employers
  • Improvement of the ergonomic conditions
  • Reduction of downtime & sick leave
  • Enabling stress- & stress-free working


1. Holding seminars on the topics:

  • Healthy leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Building up resilience
  • Back Health
  • Trainee Prevention Programme
  • Health Workshop

2. Risk assessment of mental stress

3. Introduction of microbreaks with balancing & relaxation exercises

Source: Frank Fiedler and Dirk Schulten from motio