Have a look at our well-structured and yet flexible recruiting process


Estimated salary

We analyse the current salary structure of your profile

using a database of over 450.000 job profiles

Available candidate pool

Our algorithm scans the internet and our database

for potential candidates in the relevant region

Placement probability

We analyse factors that will influence

the conversion rate of the search


Structured questionnaire

ensures optimal

definition of profile

Interdisciplinary recruiting teams

guarantee understanding

of technological requirements

Physical meeting

provides deep

understanding of

company culture


Quality over quantity!

Maximum of 5 searches

in parallel per recruiting team


internal database entries


additional external channels

Learning algorithm

guarantees comprehensive

market scan in real time


29.1 contacted

candidates per week

77% response rate

Convincing company and position

pitch constantly optimized

through A/B-testing

2-step interview/screening process

for potential candidates based on

cultural fit and IT expertise


No CV spamming!

Only the best candidate profiles

will be forwarded

Comprehensive confidential report

for each profile including

all relevant details

29.8 days on average

until first candidate

78% of presented candidates

deemed suitable for interview


1 out of 4 interviewed

candidates gets

hiring offer

3.2 months on average

until successful placement

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Co-founder & Managing Director
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