May 12, 2023

Press Release: "Beste Personalberater 2022": PALTRON awarded by WirtschaftsWoche for the fourth time

For the‍ 4th time‍ in‍ succession‍ PALTRON‍ GmbH‍ receives‍ the WirtschaftsWoche title‍ "Beste‍ Personalberater".‍


For the fourth time in a row, PALTRON GmbH receives the WirtschaftsWoche title "Best Recruitment Consultants". In 2023, the Hamburg-based IT recruitment agency made it onto the list of the best, as in the three previous years. The basis of the ranking is the evaluation of the cooperation by the recruiters of the personnel consultancies.

Josef Günthner is the managing director and founder of PALTRON: "We are very pleased to receive this award again, as it shows us that the quality of our consulting and placement services is consistently high and reliable. I am very proud of my team, which more than deserves this award. Of course, we would also like to thank our partners and candidates for the trust they place in PALTRON! For you, we give our best every day!"

Between October 2021 and September 2022, about 2300 HR managers were asked how satisfied they were with the performance of the HR consultancy they commissioned. A total of more than 830 consultancies were named and evaluated. Service providers with the highest marks subsequently receive the award "Best Personnel Consultant".

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